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Kanto® - Terrycloth diaper

Kanto® - terryclothdiaper is a thin, but very absorbent, shaped diaper without velcro.

Kanto® - terryclothdiaper is a shaped diaper without velcro. This diaper is manufactured of unbleached non toxic terrycloath, 90%cotton, 10% polyester. The diaper is shaped so, that you can use it first as a normal diaper and as it gets too small, you can fold it to be an extra layer (booster). It can be used with Kanto® All-In-One as a booster too. On top of this diaper you will need a diapercover.
If you´re useing ONLY Kanto®terryclothdiapers, you will need 20 to 30 pcs to keep your nappylaundry running smoothly. For lazy days and for travelling, we recommend you to have few Kanto® All-In-One diapers.

Kanto® - terryclothdiaper is available in three sizes, XS approx. 2 to 5 kg, S 3to7kg and M from7kg onwards. Colour is snow white.

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